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Welcome to HeartReach!

We are a life-affirming Family Resource Center that exists to educate, equip and encourage individuals and families in making healthy choices regarding pregnancy, parenting, and significant life choices.

Sometimes a positive pregnancy test is not immediately good news to a woman or her partner. Often times they may silently contemplate what they should do... “Should I tell someone?”, “How will I be able to raise this baby?”, “We don't have enough money to raise another child” - and even to the point of “Maybe an abortion will make this whole problem go away”.

Take a moment and consider her/their confusion and conflicting emotions--it may feel like a major crisis. Now, take a moment and think of a time you experienced a crisis. Looking back on your time of crisis, did you think things through clearly? Sometimes we regret important decisions made in haste while in crisis mode. This is why it's always good to have an advocate. Someone who will help you consider all your options and see the big picture. Someone who can help you understand there is life beyond the crisis.

This is what we do at HeartReach Center with our clients. They may see only the “crisis” immediately facing them and may be looking for a way to make the pain and confusion end. We see the “crisis” as a way to minister Christ to their wounds and offer the healing that only He can bring. Knowing that they are not alone can have a huge impact.

We see this same healing take place through our abortion recovery services. There are so many women in our community that have already chosen abortion as their option. Many of them are now wondering how to handle the emotional, physical and spiritual repercussions that have come from their freedom of choice. They know they are hurting and often times they suffer in silence because they fear their loved ones, friends, and church family will condemn them for their choice. HRC is a safe place for these women and men to come for help.

Welcome to our site, explore the pages and prayerfully consider how you can partner with us as we reach out and help women, men, and their children one heartbeat at a time!

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To refer individuals to receive our services please see our site at

All of our services are Confidential and Free of Charge.

Limited OB Ultrasounds are available to clients who qualify!

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