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“I didn't know what I'd be getting into as a young mom with an unexpected pregnancy. The staff at HRC really helped out by teaching me to be relaxed and less stressed about the situation. My favorite thing about coming to the EPP visits has been being able to talk with a mentor and see the videos. The free crib I earned through EPP was really helpful. I wouldn't have been able to get one if I hadn't been given it here.”


“It was an exciting moment when the [ultrasound] images first came on the screen. My mouth just dropped open. It gives you a whole new perspective on life. When you see the photos, as a father, it makes you want to be more caring, loving, and careful.”

~Dusty, father of baby

When I was sixteen,
my biggest worry should have been...       

               ...what to wear to homecoming or when that huge zit on my nose would go away. But as I was entering the summer before my senior year of high school, my every thought was going towards the new life that was growing inside of me.

Thinking we were truly destined for each other and so much in love, the father and I decided to keep our child and get married. My family did not agree with this and tried to give me more options. I had decided to leave my friends and family out of state and try living in Alaska and raise my baby with my sister and her family for a little while. In doing this I needed a pregnancy test. So when I was about 3 1/2 months pregnant I went to HeartReach to get a free pregnancy test. I remember feeling right at home. I had expressed that I was going to parent and that no one was going to change my mind, and I never once felt pressured to take one road or another. The staff at HeartReach made me comfortable enough to share my views and to open up my mind and heart to them. Out of all the information I received, I specifically remember one little card. It compared adoption to single parenting. It was very easy for me to understand. I just could not put it down the whole day. I read through it and

…it really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I had never really considered.

Eventually I ended up going back to my home and talking it over with the father of the baby. He said he had been thinking about adoption a lot since I had left. We talked it over together and decided that adoption was the route we wanted to take. After many tears and lots of conversations, I ended up calling an adoption agency and made an appointment. Everything just felt so right and fell into place. In just a few short weeks I met a couple interested inadoption and they stole my heart!

I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl named Kyra on March 1, 2007. She has her birthmothers nose and her birthfathers eyes. All I hope is that she ends up having her mothers' charisma and her fathers' optimistic view of life!

The choice I made in the midst of my crisis pregnancy was the true choice of life.

We knew that at that young age we were not fully equipped to be parents, we had so much more to learn in life. We knew that there were so many couples who would love to have an opportunity to raise a child.

Although HeartReach had only a brief time influencing my ultimate choice, I know God used HeartReach and the amazing people there to comfort me in my time of need and to help me make the best decision I could for my child. My only hope is that they will continue being there for girls who desperately need someone to love them.



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