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As you face the reality of an unplanned pregnancy, you have a big decision to make. How do you handle it? We believe the only way to make a confident decision is to examine your options carefully.

We do not financially benefit from any choice you make. We promise to provide you with accurate information without pressure or judgment. Your decision is yours alone. We believe in you.


An abortion is a serious medical decision with potential physical and psychological consequences. It's vital that you first discuss your health history and current medications, have an ultrasound to verify your pregnancy and find out how far along you are. Learn more about the possible side effects and risks of abortion procedures.

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Making an adoption plan is a difficult but loving choice. Depending on your situation it could be the perfect solution. Women from all walks of life and for all reasons choose to place their children for adoption. Today, the birth mother is in control. You can choose the adoptive couple and the future you want for your child. Learn more about the types of adoption plans and why this option might be best for you.

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We understand if the idea of being a single parent seems overwhelming. Parenthood is one of the most challenging jobs you will ever have, but it's also one of the most rewarding. Learn more about the many state and community services designed to assist you in successful parenthood.

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