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What Is Mentoring?

When navigating uncharted waters, it’s good to have someone alongside you who has been there before. That is why HeartReach Center offers our one-to-one mentoring.

Why are they called mentors? Our mentors are trained volunteers who understand where you are coming from. While our mentors are not counselors, they are trained to refer you to a professional counselor when needed.

Mentors are dedicated individuals who have walked through life and are ready to help you with yours.

What Mentoring Opportunities Are Available?

From learning about relationships to recovering from trauma, our mentors are here to help you.

Options Counseling and Special Circumstances Support

This is a one-to-one mentoring opportunity intended to address topics not typically covered in our other programs. Sessions are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us regarding your circumstances.

Abortion Recovery and Support

Many women express relief when their abortions are over, but some struggle with shame, guilt, and anxiety within weeks, months, or years later. Abortion is a life-altering experience that few women feel free to discuss. We offer group or one-to-one sessions for abortion recovery. Let us be a part of your healing journey.

Setting Up a Mentorship

Please call HeartReach Center at 907-373-3456, stop by during regular office hours, or email to discuss scheduling a one-to-one session or signing up for one of our group classes.

Safe and Supportive Care

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