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What Do You Think About Parenting?

Children don’t come with manuals, making parenting quite the challenge. But being a parent is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. When you discovered your unplanned pregnancy, did you wonder for a moment if you could parent your child? We believe it’s possible.

You might be surprised at the many resources available to help you parent. It may take hard work and determination, but you can be a successful parent.

Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Parent?

If the thought of parenting seems frightening, rest assured that every Mom or Dad has felt the same way at one time or another. To determine your immediate and long-term needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will my husband or partner help me raise this baby?
  • Will my family accept my pregnancy and help me?
  • How will I finish school?
  • Can I continue working?
  • Where will I live?
  • Can I afford a child?
  • What about childcare, medical insurance, and everyday expenses?
  • Am I too young or too old to parent?

Those are some difficult questions, but knowing the answer shows you where to begin planning.

What Resources Are Available?

Alaska offers many resources for single mothers and low-income families. In fact, we rank in the top 10 most friendly states for single moms. Here’s a list of some of the assistance you could receive:

  • Alaska Temporary Assistance Program
  • Alaska Food Stamp Program
  • Alaska General Relief Assistance (GRA)
  • Alaska Medicaid
  • Alaska Denali KidCare (CHIP)
  • Alaska Childcare Assistance Program, known as PASS
  • Alaska Heating Assistance Program (HAP)

Parenting Support from HeartReach Center

We believe education is vital to successful parenting. You can tackle anything when you’re prepared for what’s to come. That’s why we offer parenting classes and mentorships.

Embracing Parenthood Program

HeartReach Center’s Embracing Parenthood Program offers a wide variety of classes. You can learn skills to help you thrive. Classes range from prenatal development through childbirth and parenting. This program is open to anyone who is expecting or has a child under six, even if that child is not in the parent’s custody.

Parenting With Love and Logic

Learn how to raise self-confident, motivated children lovingly. Build a respectful and caring relationship with your children as you teach them how to navigate the real world.

One-to-One Mentorships

Talk with us about your specific needs for successful parenting. We’re here for you.

In addition to parenting classes, HeartReach Center offers programs for fathers and teens. Ask us for more information.

The Market

When you register and complete our classes, you earn “Parent Bucks.” You can redeem these for anything in our Market, including baby furnishings, large toys, and other non-essential items.

HeartReach Center offers anyone in our community free diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, blankets, and any other essential baby supplies.

Parenting In School

Being a single mother is challenging, especially if you are still in school. If you want to continue your education, take advantage of the assistance offered by the federal government and the Alaskan state government.

Alaska provides need-based school assistance through the AlaskAdvantage Education Grant (AEG). The amount varies, and funds are given according to individual needs.

In 2020, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research stated, “In Alaska, 20 percent of all undergraduates, or 5,521 students, are parents and 2,161 college students are single mothers.”

Being a single mom and a college graduate is possible.

Safe and Supportive Care

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