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Have You Considered Making an Adoption Plan?

Myths and misconceptions surround adoption. Women are told they will never see their child again. They hear their adopted child will have psychological problems. Or, they will never get over placing their child for adoption.

The adoption process has changed dramatically. Today, a woman can choose an open or semi-open adoption plan and continue to correspond and see her child.

Studies have found that open adoption gives adopted children a sense of belonging and identity. Adoption is a difficult choice, so many agencies provide extensive counseling services for birth mothers before, during, and after the adoption.

The Three Types of Adoption Plans

Adoption offers many choices regarding you and your child’s future. You choose the plan that is most comfortable for you. If you choose an open or semi-open plan, you also select your child’s adoptive parents and their surroundings.

Open Adoption

By far, open adoption has become the most popular adoption plan today. After viewing several bios, you select the perfect couple to raise your child. Once matched, you and the potential adoptive couple exchange full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. You can begin building a relationship immediately.

Semi-Open Adoption

If you are concerned about the lack of privacy with an open adoption but would still like contact with your child and their adoptive family, choose this plan. All communication goes through a third party, such as your adoption agency. Your agency can also set up and facilitate meetings.

Closed Adoption

Very few adoptions today are closed, but some women feel this plan is safest considering their living situation. A closed adoption provides everyone with complete anonymity. The agency chooses your adoptive family, and you have no communication.

Why Do Women Choose to Make an Adoption Plan?

According to a study from Baylor University, the following are a few of the reasons expectant women choose adoption for their children:

  • Lack of family support
  • Timing and resources
  • Lack of readiness to be a parent
  • Non-existent relationship with the birth father
  • Poor or abusive relationship with the birth father

The Two Main Reasons Women Were Happy With Their Decision

In a study posted by BraveLove, birth mothers were interviewed about their adoption experiences. When asked what gave them the most satisfaction about their decision to place their child for adoption, women felt non-coerced decision-making and receipt of accurate information about the process were the main reasons for adoption satisfaction.

As you review potential adoption agencies, choose the agency that is most open about its process and offers the greatest amount of adoption counseling.

Making Your Adoption Decision

While HeartReach Center does not facilitate adoptions, we want to be your resource as you consider this option. We offer three recommendations for adoption services. We encourage you to interview each one, and if you would like to discuss what adoption might look like for you, please set up an appointment to talk with us. We’re here for you.

Alaska Adoption Services

Alaska Adoption Services offers free and compassionate support to anyone considering adoption. You can choose a family for your child within the State of Alaska and determine the level of contact you feel comfortable maintaining. 

Lifetime Adoption

With Lifetime Adoption, you make the choices. You can choose a family for your baby, your hospital plans, and your future contact plan. Caring coordinators are available every step of the way. Call or text 24/7.

Act Of Love Adoptions

Act of Love Adoptions cares about the hopes and aspirations of birth parents. It is committed to providing a personalized experience through counseling and support that allows birth parents to achieve their goals.

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