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How Can HeartReach Center Support You?

At HeartReach Center, our advocates and mentors are committed to helping you in any way possible. Between our no-cost pregnancy services, STD testing and treatment, and the Mobile Medical Unit, we want to meet you where you are with the services you need.

We offer several classes and group sessions to help you navigate your future. Here’s a sampling:

Step Up Now to Healthy Relationships

This presentation is designed for those 25 and younger. Making healthy life choices is critical, and you can begin with your relationships. Learn about risk avoidance, making mature decisions, intimacy and sex, and boundaries. We can set up a group discussion or have a one-to-one consultation.

Healing From Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage is painful, especially as you watch others go on to have a healthy baby. If you have experienced a miscarriage and would like someone to talk to, please reach out and schedule an appointment. We are here for you.

Embracing Parenthood Program

If you are a parent or pregnant and choosing to parent, you will want to enroll in this course. Moms, dads, or legal guardians can learn skills to help them thrive in their parenting role. Classes range from prenatal development to childbirth and parenting. This program is open to anyone who is expecting or has a child under six, even if that child is not in the parent’s custody.

The Fatherhood Program

It’s not uncommon for men to feel less than prepared for fatherhood. Being a dad is tough sometimes, but your role in the family is vitally important. HeartReach Center has a mentor program for dads and dads-to-be to help you learn skills that help your children grow and succeed. Whether you are co-parenting or not, gain the knowledge to be a better father. Our mentors can tailor your lessons to your specific situation and areas where growth is needed.

Group Classes

Learn how to lovingly raise self-confident, motivated children. Build a respectful and caring relationship with your children as you teach them how to navigate the real world.

All classes are scheduled during regular office hours.

The Market

For clients enrolled and regularly attending our parenting classes with a mentor, you have access to The Market. As you attend our Embracing Parenthood, The Fatherhood Program, or group classes, you earn “Parenting Bucks.” You can redeem bucks for anything in our market, such as baby furnishings, large toys, and other “non-essential” items.

Clients who participate throughout pregnancy qualify to receive a brand new car seat, crib, and special baby shower basket.

Essential Needs

For those essential baby needs such as diapers, wipes, formula, blankets, or clothing, HeartReach Center provides these items free. Anyone from the community is welcome. Come to our center and pick up essential items to help you maintain a stable environment.

Enrollment in Classes

Please call HeartReach Center at 907-373-3456, stop by during regular office hours, or email to reserve your place in a group class.

Safe and Supportive Care

Live Bravely. Strength Becomes You.