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man curious about pregnancy

What Can Men Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy?

In the emotional whirlwind that accompanies the news of an unplanned pregnancy, men often find themselves navigating a complex maze of feelings, responsibilities, and decisions. It’s a life-changing time and, for many, an urgent call to think about what it means to support, communicate, and make choices in partnership. 

Whether you’re the partner, a friend, or the one directly involved, understanding how to engage in this journey constructively is crucial.

Remain Calm

It’s natural for you to be extremely reactive and feel shocked, anxious, and unnerved. However, consider how your partner is feeling. She is likely feeling even more emotions as the one who is pregnant. 

Your first role is to provide emotional stability. The state you’re in can quickly transfer to her. By remaining calm, you give her a solid foundation to level her emotions regarding this transformative news.

Actively Listen

At the heart of navigating this situation is the importance of active and empathetic listening. You no doubt have a lot to talk about, but offering your partner a judgment-free zone to voice her thoughts, fears, and feelings is vital.

Emphasize empathy and understanding, validating the complicated web of her emotional state. Communication is key; ensure that you remain open and transparent so she feels thoroughly supported and not isolated in this experience.

Adopt patience and flexibility, keeping in mind that her needs and emotions may shift. Reiterate your support and unwavering commitment in every circumstance. Even minor acts of checking in and showing that you understand can make a substantial difference in her feeling comforted and supported.

Be Engaged

Try to play an active role in any way you can. These can be small things like running errands or helping with daily activities. You can also show your support by attending appointments and getting more information about pregnancy so you know what to expect and can provide guidance.

Research her potential options, such as abortion, adoption, and parenting. Having the facts beforehand can help lighten the emotional toll pregnancy can have on a woman. 

Get Additional Support

HeartReach Center offers free pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasounds, STD testing, and mentor programs that your partner can take advantage of during this time. We can also provide you with additional resources and information so you both feel prepared to face what’s next.

Contact us today to set up a safe and confidential appointment.

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