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woman curious about the top 7 pregnancy symptoms

7 Top Pregnancy Symptoms

Are you wondering if you’re pregnant? Are you noticing unusual physical changes? Although many women experience typical signs in early pregnancy, the definitive way to confirm pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test and get an ultrasound.

You can get a free pregnancy test and limited obstetric ultrasound at HeartReach Center. We’re here to provide all the details you’ll want about your pregnancy and your options moving forward.

For now, continue reading about the top 7 pregnancy symptoms.

Top 7 Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy can look different for every woman, but there are a few common threads that can give you an indication you might be pregnant. We’ll go over the top signs as identified by the Mayo Clinic

  1. Missing your period: This is the most common sign, but it can also be difficult to identify if your cycles are irregular. It’s also possible to miss your period due to stress, excessive exercise, dieting, hormone imbalances, and more that can lead to irregular menstrual cycles.
  2. Frequent Urination: Even before missing your period, you may notice yourself taking increased bathroom breaks. When you’re pregnant, your body increases the blood supply. The kidneys filter out blood and remove extra waste, which exits your body as you urinate. 
  3. Feeling Tired: Fatigue is another common sign of pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom occurs due to elevated progesterone hormone levels. Like other initial signs of pregnancy, fatigue typically improves as time goes on.
  4. Nausea with or without vomiting: “Morning sickness” (which can occur at any time of the day) is another signal. Nausea may begin as soon as two weeks into pregnancy. It’s not a universal experience, and its intensity can vary—some may feel nauseous without vomiting. Approximately half of pregnant women experience vomiting as a result of their nausea.
  5. Tender (or swollen) breasts: When pregnant, your breasts might feel more tender than usual, similar to how they feel before your period but more intense. This tenderness doesn’t last forever; it eases once your body gets used to the new hormone levels. You might also notice your breasts getting bigger, making your bra feel tighter.
  6. Light spotting: Light spotting can often be an early indicator of pregnancy, also known as implantation bleeding. This occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus lining about 10 to 14 days in. Implantation bleeding typically happens around the time your period is due, although not every woman experiences it.
  7. Moodiness: The surge of hormones during early pregnancy may lead to heightened emotions and an increased tendency to cry. Experiencing mood swings is also common.

Get The Answers You Need

HeartReach Center offers no-cost pregnancy services, such as pregnancy testing and ultrasound, so you can get the answers you need. 

You don’t have to rely on vague symptoms to determine if you’re pregnant. Contact us to get a private appointment today. 

You can also call (907) 373-3456 to use our mobile medical unit.

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